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Self-Drive Journeys

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Take the road... Explore... Discover...

Keen to explore Africa at your own pace?

Whether you are looking for adventure, wildlife, tranquility, action or pleasure – our African self-drive journeys have been created with the independent and adventurous traveller in mind and are far less daunting than you might imagine.

We believe that you should experience a country and not just see it. Our carefully designed private tours and itineraries are build around adventures and experiences at the destinations we visit.


TCD Destination Management offers you easy self-drive routes and custom itineraries, authentic and fascinating attractions, quality accommodation and memorable holidays. 

While we would be the first to admit that road conditions throughout much of Africa are the stuff of infamy, our range of self-drive experiences through Namibia and South Africa are perfectly manageable, great fun and expose you to the  many facets of each of these iconic countries.

It couldn't be easier. Fly in and collect your pre-booked vehicle, load up and go. Our self-drive journeys in South Africa and Namibia Africa have been created with one eye on experience and the other on practicalities; we include as many highlights as possible on the itineraries without making you drive for days on end to see them - there's plenty of time to relax and explore.

One of our Our Destination Specialists will advise you on which self-drive and self-guided itinerary is most suited to your needs, or they will tailor-make your journey complete with vehicle hire, carefully selected accommodation and detailed directions.


Our self-drive custom itineraries offer you the opportunity to meet the locals, enjoy unique experiences that will tempt you to linger on your journey and enjoy true South African and Namibian hospitality .

***  We provide itineraries with destination management throughout South Africa and Namibia.***

Our full Destination Management Services include:

  • Itinerary development - custom or route

  • Accommodation:  recommendations & bookings, management

  • Vehicle, 4x4 or motorcycle rental

Let's start planning your trip to iconic Africa!

A destination specialist can help with a quote.

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