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Bespoke       Inspirational       Authentic      Unforgettable

Botswana is without doubt one of Africa’s finest safari destinations.

Vast, wild and pristine, Botswana is home to a staggering number of elephants and its incredibly diverse landscape and wildlife represents the ultimate adventure.  Safari to the far reaches of the country to explore mighty rivers, dry semi-desert and the gnarled watery fingers of the Okavango Delta.

" The sparkling jewel in Africa's crown."

Water is not typically the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of an African safari.  But when it comes to Botswana, water is what sets it apart from other safari destinations and why it is the sparkling jewel in Africa’s crown! 


At the heart of Botswana’s safari areas is the Okavango Delta, where Africa’s third-largest river fans across desert sands in a myriad of shimmering waterways and lagoons, giving birth to a green oasis half the size of Switzerland. A safari here is unique and a game watcher’s paradise as one of the world’s richest ecosystems teems with wildlife of all kinds. Though much of the water is seasonal, there are some permanent rivers, and mokoros (traditional poled canoes) glide silently by groves of papyrus and iridescent flocks of birds.


To the north of the Delta the Chobe River, within easy driving distance of the Victoria Falls, attracts some of Africa’s largest elephant herds; while to the south the extraordinary Makgadikgadi and Nxai pans, drum-flat and shimmering in the sun, give way to the stunning dunes of the Kalahari, home to Bushmen communities.


In Botswana’s spectacular and pristine environment tourism treads lightly, with safari lodges kept small and eco-sensitive, visitor numbers strictly limited and man’s intrusion controlled.

Vast, wild and pristine, Botswana is home to a staggering number of elephants and its incredibly diverse landscape and wildlife represents the ultimate adventure.  

Exclusivity & Luxury

The country’s high quality, low impact approach to tourism guarantees exceedingly high standards in terms of experiences and conservation. The intimate lodges and camps exude exclusivity and offer the luxury of remote positioning and privacy.


Superlative Wildlife Sightings

Botswana is a highly sought-after safari destination. Its unique blend of habitats provides unprecedented wildlife viewing opportunities. The fauna is diverse and the birdlife is prolific.


Exceptional Guides

Most guides are not only qualified professionals, but have spent most of their life in the bush and are in congruence with nature. What makes them exceptional is not just their knowledge but their contagious enthusiasm, utmost respect for wildlife and their ability to create interactive and unforgettable experiences for all guests.


Peace & Tranquility

The emphasis on safaris in Botswana is one of peace and tranquility. The lack of digital technology allows travellers to “unplug” and immerse themselves in the natural surrounds.

If you are looking for an inspirational and authentic safari that is tailored to your needs and to include Botswana, allow us to create the perfect itinerary and travel arrangements.

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