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Tailor-made safaris & tours for discerning travellers
South Africa  |  Namibia  |  Botswana  |  Zimbabwe  |  Zambia  | Madagascar  |  Mozambique |  Kenya  |  Tanzania & Zanzibar   

Africa has a safari for every traveller – what will your travel story be? African safari and tours range from bucket-list adventures to ultra-luxurious vacations and everything in between. All our itineraries are completely flexible and will be designed to suit you and your particular requirements.

Africa is famed for its countless natural wonders filled with an abundance of wildlife. Not many people are aware, however, that the most perfect, pristine island holidays are available in Africa as well. Some of the most isolated, Robinson Crusoe-esque escapes on earth can be found in the Indian Ocean off the African continent and are all conveniently accessible from all the major safari destinations. From the lemur-filled island of Madagascar to the white sandy beaches of the Maldives & Mauritius, volcanic Reunion to the archipelagos of Zanzibar & Seychelles; the island life is a sun-filled paradise & without a doubt the perfect pairing to any safari holiday. Need more convincing? 

We specialise in tailor-made, high quality African safaris and tours for discerning travellers to countries in Southern and East Africa taking into account personal interests, wishes and budget.  

No time to look around, research and plan?  Get in touch with a Safari Expert and Destination Manager to plan your own tailor-made safari with the purpose of providing you with hassle-free African travel, door-to-door. 


However, if you want to explore more of each breathtaking destination, our suggested African tours and safaris can be further tailored to include your unique requirements, wherever you want to go in Southern Africa or East Africa, from the countryside to the coast or, city to safari.

You may be going on safari to Africa for the first time and not know where to start, in which case we will spend as long as it takes to design an itinerary to suit your wishes. Or, if you are an experienced safari traveller looking for something different, we can advise you on new discoveries we have made through our own extensive travels. Even if you only have a preliminary idea, we are very happy to talk to you at the earliest stage of planning.

 Our online Planning Questionnaire is a document that has been specifically developed and designed to aid us in determining what your specific safari and tour needs would be. We will use this as the basis to design your custom itinerary. 

 From beach to bush, we tailor our tour and safari options to suit your requirements.  

Types of Safaris

Generally speaking, visitors to Africa arrive by international flight and are met by the tour guide or safari representative.  From here, they are either transferred to their hotel (depending on time of arrival) or are driven or flown to their first safari lodge or camp.

With guided driving safaris, travellers are driven from reserve to reserve by their driver/guide, who also takes guests on game drives within the reserves.

With flying safaris,  guides are normally based at the camp or lodge and will meet guests upon arrival in the bush.  The short drive from the airstrip or park gate is a game drive in itself and allows visitors an excellent impression of what is soon to follow.

Upon arrival at your lodgings, you will be informed of the upcoming activities before being escorted to your room or tent and afforded some time to settle in.  Depending on your time of arrival, you may then be invited to sit down to lunch prior to your first game activity.



  • Additional options for the special-interest traveler include shopping, anthropology, archaeology, art, garden, wellness and golf. 

  • Please contact us if you have any specific interest you would like to pursue.

Planning your Safari

How do you know which safari is right for you?  Which game lodges are the best suited for your needs? Where do you get the best game viewing experience and where do you see the most animals?  Is a private or group safari required?  East Africa or Southern Africa? Which game reserve to visit, and where? Do I go on a self-drive safari or on a guided one? A combination of different safari experiences in different countries or locations? A luxury itinerary with premier camps and lodges or camping out in the bush with mobile tents? Perhaps on a river boat and a luxury train? When is the best time to travel?  How do I prepare? And what about malaria? 


There is no one correct answer as every location is unique with its own special highlights and deserves equal  attention.

This is where our passionate staff and years of experience set us apart.

We are here to guide and help you!

Safari questions you may have

Safari Activities

How can we help?
We encourage you to start planning early to secure best rates and availability.

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